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NOSH Garden Kitchen at La Suite West is the Kitchen and Deli brought to you by Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO and founder of Nosh Detox Delivery.

Nosh was founded in 2008 by Geeta as a result of her spending years fighting her son’s multiple food allergies and anaphylaxis as a baby. During his first 18 months, Geeta and her family spent over 260 days in hospital with him. Geeta's work as a Corporate Lawyer came to a stop so that she could focus on caring for him. As she felt she really couldn’t find anyone to help her, Geeta developed her own solutions using nutritious, balanced meals, alternative therapies and natural supplements. Using just these natural methods Geeta cured his eczema [and he was covered in it from head to toe!], reduced his asthma to an intermittent event and is now the proud mother of a child primarily allergic to homework!

Along the way, Geeta took 3 years to qualify as a Raw Chef, a Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist. She hopes that her story provides you with the inspiration to change your own lives as it's changed so many of her clients' lives.

In a series of upcoming events at Nosh Garden Kitchen at La Suite West Hotel, Geeta will present how she and other inspirational lifestyle, health, personal development and resilience experts ae helping to change the lives of their clients.

Upcoming Events: The forward schedule of events and cooking classes will be available here soon. 

Tuesday 7th November - 7pm 
Inspired By Nosh - Event One: with Harriet Waley-Cohen

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