Artisan Suppliers

Supporting small, sustainable artisan suppliers

Our menu is entirely plantbased, fresh and seasonal. Working with artisans and small producers around London, being ethical and sustainable is very important to us. We are passionate about each dish on this menu.

Here are just a few to share with you;

A London based company creating homemade cheeses and spreads from cashew nuts.
The owners Angela and Nivi hand make their best selling cheeses every week and sell them from London Markets.

Mouse's Favourite create a range of delicious artisan plant-based alternatives to cheese and butter. Made by hand in micro batches, most of our cheeses require 4 weeks of careful nurturing before they are ready. Inspired by classic styles of cheese, an authentic taste is achieved by combining the highest quality organic nuts with traditional cheese-making cultures and processes.“One of the unexpected benefits to becoming vegan was that it led me to discover an abundance of new foods and ways of cooking. Fermenting and culturing was part of this and after experimenting with cultured nut cheeses for about 5 years, I decided to start Mouse's Favourite.” – Gabrielle Le Cocq, founder.

Their bread is crafted without compromise. From slow-fermented sourdoughs, rich, dark rye breads, elegant ficelles, plump, crusty boules and soft focaccia, they believe bread is a vital component of any good meal, not a sideshow. Three ingredients form the basis for any good loaf, we use artisan French Campaillette flour, Sel Guérande from the salt marshes of Brittany and fresh filtered water.

Chef and her brigade will continuously update this page with our new suppliers.

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