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Just like our menu which features seasonal dishes throughout the year we host special events, Pop-Up Dinners and create unique offers for our guests.

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To celebrate Veganuary we are offering 25% of 2 course Lunch and Afternoon Tea. Please state 'Veganuary Offer' when you arrive at Cafe Forty One.
See our 2 night Veganuary Stay Offer.

Show someone they are your 'cup of tea' this Valentine's Day with 
We will soon be announcing our Valentine's Day special Afternoon Tea Menu, Pop-Up Dinners and Gifts.

Chef will be hosting a Pop-Up Dinner at The White Horse Hotel in Dorking on 26 January 2019 and creating vegan dishes which will be a permanent feature on their menu.
For guests who receive our newsletter we will soon be offering them a special rate to stay overnight at the White Horse.  

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