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“We are delighted to launch our tea menu with La Suite West, bringing a flare of authenticity and flavours of the world to every cup of tea. We believe everyone should experience the delight a good-quality loose leaf tea brings, and we believe our range brings nothing short of perfection! Our teas are sourced from artisan tea farmers, highly-skilled in their trade, from the world-renowned tea gardens and estates of China, Japan and Sri Lanka. Ethically sourced and plucked with the upmost care, we bring to La Suite West a vast range of luxury premium teas. Our vibrant flavours will speak for themselves, best enhanced alongside the vegan afternoon tea and exquisite food the hotel offers. We hope you enjoy our teas just as much as we delight in bringing them to you.” The Tea Makers of London

The Tea Makers of London are an established award-winning UK tea brand, offering a wide selection of authentically made speciality teas and teaware. All their teas are grown in the most revered tea gardens around the world, then carefully selected by expert tea tasters. They work closely with local tea gardens and artisan tea farmers to ensure they bring the very finest quality teas to their customers.

Their founder has over 10 years experience as a tea planter, as well as years of experience supplying and selling quality loose leaf tea. His extensive knowledge and experience within the tea industry plays a vital role in bringing their customers a varied and high-quality selection of teas.

The Great Taste Awards is a prestigious event that celebrates the crème de la crème of British fine food products. Many of the teas have won these awards over the years. The Tea Makers of London were awarded 13 Great Taste Awards in 2016 and 2017, with Japanese Sencha Supreme being one of the 141 products to be accredited one of the 3 stars!


Our Tea Selection:

English Breakfast - This whole leaf, full-bodied version of classic loose-leaf English Breakfast Tea, offers a delicate balance of strength and flavour, with an exceptionally rich taste as well as a beautiful and distinctive aroma. A smooth and delightful tea to start the day.

Supreme Earl Grey - Made from a blend of the finest orthodox loose leaf Ceylon black teas, delicately scented with the essential oil of bergamot fruit and then mixed with vibrant blue cornflowers. The blend imparts a rich, aromatic and beautifully delicate brew with a bouquet of enticing aromas.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls - Perfectly balanced Jasmine Dragon Pearls impart an intense floral flavour and a beautiful fragrance with a champagne colour infusion. Made from premium green tea leaves and jasmine flowers.

Japanese Sencha - Sencha tea imparts a delicate yellowish-green liquor that has a grassy, sweet and mildly astringent flavour with a fresh sea aroma. It is one of the most well-loved teas in Japan and has various health benefits.

Organic Chamomile Blossoms - Exquisitely tranquil loose leaf herbal tea offers a deliciously golden-yellow liquor with a heavenly apple-like floral taste. Hailed from the fertile plains of the river Nile valley in Egypt, only the finest quality chamomile blossoms were meticulously harvested to create this most wonderfully calming infusion. 

Lemongrass and Ginger - Invigorating and uplifting ginger tea herbal blend is a combination of aromatic lemongrass and spicy ginger pieces, mixed with soothing peppermint and liquorice for subtle natural sweetness. 

Peppermint Leaves - Delightfully refreshing loose leaf Peppermint Leaves provide a wonderfully calming and uplifting infusion. It offers a deliciously minty-sweet taste with a cool and freshly-pure aroma. 

Vanilla Rooibos - Luxury Organic Vanilla Rooibos loose leaf tea imparts a rich and full-bodied liqueur, leaving a creamy vanilla finish. Mixed with sweet vanilla bits, the rooibos tea creates a beautifully mild brew.

Bora Bora - The fabulously vibrant appearance of this fruit tea infusion is greatly enhanced by the delicate colouring of cornflower, sunflower and hibiscus blossoms. An intense fruity concoction, made of the most exquisite array of exotic and domestic fruits.


Turmeric Latte - Our velvety turmeric latte is a wonderful marriage of spicy and fresh turmeric and sweet vanilla and coconut. 

Ruby Latte - This mouth-watering smooth Ruby latte with rose and vanilla flavour offers a delicious and vibrant cup. A wonderful combination of beetroot and coconut blossom powder.

Matcha Latte - This nourishing matcha latte is made with cacao, toffee and cinnamon. It offers a sublime, smooth and creamy way to enjoy all the benefits of matcha powder.

Afternoon Tea Menu & Reservations

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